We created this NFT Mint Watch collection of unique watches for all lovers and connoisseurs of cool and gorgeous watches.

Do you really want to own a unique NFT watch? Are you crazy about owning the coolest NFT watch? Then welcome to us.

Become one of our 1 499 club members!
What is NFT Mint Watch?
1. This is your coolest and attractive NFT watch.
2. This is a huge possibility of stamping your watch with very rare details.
3. Everyone should have their own unique and one-of-a-kind NFT watch.
4. You can sell your NFT watch and buy another one. Trade on different Solana NFT marketplaces.
5. After all, a person can't be without a watch.
The whole NFT watch collection is attractive and graceful, but we decided that it wasn't enough, so we implemented a rarity system for all the traits.

To create our NFT watch collection, 126 different traits were drawn and all of them are distributed in different rarity degrees. There are a total of 5 degrees of rarity, and each has a certain chance of being minted.

You will be very lucky to have the coolest and rarest NFT watches.
What is NFT?
NFT stands for a non-fungible token, which represents an unique, irreplaceable assets that lives on the blockchain.
How big will the NFT Minted Mint Watch collection be?
Collection of 500 cool NFT watches will be minted on Solana, and 999 minted on Polygon (ETH)
On which blockchain will the collection be minted, and on which NFT marketplaces can it be purchased?
The NFT Mint Watch collection will be minted on Solana and ETH (Polygon), and later it will be possible to buy or sell your watch on various trading platforms that support this blockchain.
How much would it cost to mint a collection?
The cost of minting your coolest NFT watch will be 0.1 Sol and 0.002 ETH (Polygon)
What is the bottom price for the NFT Mint Watch on marketplaces
We recommend a floor price of 0.3 sol at Solsea and 0.02 ETH (Polygon) in Opensea.
When will the NFT Mint Watch begin minting?
There is no exact date yet, but very soon you can become a member of our club. Follow the news on twitter and discord
What Solana wallets can I use?
We recommend to use Phantom wallet as they have great support for NFTs.
What ETH (Polygon) wallets can I use?
For ETH (Polygon) we recommend to use MetaMask wallet.
Oh my gosh, we have a great idea, to create a cool collection of NFT watches!
Drawing and preparing art for the NFT Mint Watch collection
Creating a web site for the project, connecting and configuring social networks, twitter and discord for build our community incredibly strong!
November 2021: Phase #1 Minting 20 NFT Mint Watches on Solana blockchain. Continue to grow discord and twitter. Start verication on Solsea.
December 2021: Phase #1.1 Minting 999 NFT Mint Watches in ETH (Polygon) at Opensea marketplace. Continue to grow discord and twitter. Get verified on Solsea and Solanart. Giveaway 100 NFT (Polygon) between Discord members. Details on our discord.
December 2021: Phase #2 Minting 450 NFT Mint Watches on Solana, price 0.1 Sol — 30 NFT Airdrop
January 2022: Verification on the Magic Eden Marketplace, to expand the ability to trade our NFTs and reach a larger audience.
(IN PROGRESS) Q1 2022: Daily Giveaway NFT Mint Watches between our club members in discord. On a regular basis. 50 NFT Airdrop
March 2022: Creation of a unique collection of 30 NFT Mint Wathes from parts that are not in the main collection and lottery between the members of the club. 30 NFT Airdrop